Thanakorn Telan is a freelance creative art photographer whose work focuses mostly on artistic nude, portraiture and street.

Thanakorn attended the University of Southern California, and received a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Master in Public Administration. In 2013 , he turned 51 years of age and decided that his true passion was in Fine Art and not in the business world.  He uses cameras to be his tools to produce his art work.  Currently,   Thanakorn's work has been featured in international publications and media. As well  as exhibitions in Thailand, France, Italy and Argentina . 

Artist Statement

It has never been too late to translate obsession into reality, I believe.  For the past 9 years , with my devotion to Creative Fine Art Photography, I started to create art works by capturing my perspectives through my lens. I really appreciate the beauty created when light and darkness meets. These became the key ingredients of my works.  In some cases, colors play an interesting role in adding flavors of beauty details.  I am not considered myself as a photographer, I am just creating art with camera and lens.  I think people can see things from different angles, but I will be glad if my works can offer another perspective that represents the clarity and light of darkness.

Using Format